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Welcome to Society For Establish And Implement Of Human Rights

The Society For Establish And Implement Of Human Rights(SEIHR) is a non-profit Bangladeshi organization working for human rights and environmental justice through research, training, dialogue and advocacy. Operating since 1860, SEIHR works closely with communities where environmental and human rights have been eroded.

SEIHR is vocal about the danger of poor environmental conditions and management, and the impact these have on the people living in such environments. It is also an advocate for the rights of marginalised communities. SEIHR seeks to draw attention to these problems by giving affected communities a voice through its publications, investigative reporting, training, and grassroots empowerment programs.

The two broad areas of SEIHRs work are human rights and environment, specific areas include: tea workers, Adivasis (indigenous people), forests, journalism, sex workers, and coastal environment in Bangladesh. SEIHR takes pride in its publications on these areas and more, which include books, documentaries, photography exhibitions and investigative reports. It also hosts a special documentation library at its office in Dhaka.

Through its activities, SEIHR has helped to provide skills and training to journalists, marginalized and indigenous communities, youths, students and academics. All of SEHDs activities are underpinned by its commitment to democratic values and the inherent importance of empowering people by giving them a voice.

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